ACCESSORY: 10’x10’ Zippered Window-Wall Enclosure with Tote Bag


Complement your 10’x10’ POPUPSHADE® canopy with this new economy priced window wall accessory.   Mix and match the setup configurations to provide dynamic privacy, comfort and weather barriers.   Includes 3 window walls and 1 solid wall with entrance.   Custom fitted with zippered endpoints and tote bag.

*Does Not Include Canopy



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10’x10’ POPUPSHADE® Zippered Window-Wall Enclosure Accessory

  • Does Not Include Canopy
  • Fits Only POPUPSHADE® Brand
  • Mix-n-Match Wall Configurations
  • Zippered Entrance and Tote Bag

The perfect solution to providing an extra layer of separation, added privacy and or weather protection.  Four individual zippered walls are easily attached to the frame and can be used separately or zipped together to create a complete enclosure.


  • 3pc Window Walls 1pc Solid Wall  with Entrance
  • P/E Water Proof Fabric
  • Cathedral Patterned Windows
  • Easy Hook and Loop Attachments
  • Tote Bag for Easy Storage

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION:   Always be sure your canopy is securely anchored, adding walls can amplify wind forces.  Do not leave unattended as inclement weather can destroy the frame and or cause serious injury.

  • Canopy Sold Separately

What’s In The Box:  3 Window Walls, 1 Solid Wall, Tote Bag

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Weight 7 lbs


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