10’x10′ X3 Craft Show Canopy Package, CRS™ Curtain-Walls, Wheel Spin-Bag, Spikes

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Game Changing CRS Curtain-Wall Enclosure, Clip-On and Slide Walls,  Hybrid Solid-Core™ Frame, Wheel-Bag, Spikes

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Tried the Rest Why Not Get the Best!

BEST CRS™ CURTAIN-WALLS:  Mix-n-match the clip-on sliding polyester curtain-walls to create a unique look that’s perfect for all your favorite venues.  

BEST STRONG-ARM FRAME:  The X3 frame combines 1 ¼” legs and *Solid-Core™ truss bars to provide maximum durablity and strength. 


THE BEST THING:  Stand out in-the-crowd and watch others take notice.  The preceived value is unmatched. 

WHAT’S IN THE BOX:  Frame, Top, CRS™ Walls, Wheel-Bag, Spikes 


  • CRS™ Curtain-Wall Enclosure
  • Hybrid Commercial Frame
  • *Solid-Core™ Steel Bars  
  • 1 1/4” Aluminum Legs
  • Pinch-Proof Leg Levers
  • Peak-Pole Extender 
  • 300-D Polyester Top
  • CPAI-84 
  • Water and Stain Resistant 
  • Heat Reflective Undercoating 
  • 99% UV Block
  • Vented Peak X-Scape™
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

SPECIFICATIONS:  Hybrid Steel Frame: 38 Pounds – 1 1/4” Aluminum Legs – *Solid-Core™ Steel Bars  – 300-Denier Polyester Top – 150-Denier Polyester CRS™ Curtain-Walls

DIMS:  Setup Footprint: 10’x10’x 11′ –  Head Clearance:  73″ – 82” Frame Folded 11”x11x 61″ –  In Wheel-Bag: 12”x12”x 63″ – Weight in Wheel-Bag 55 Pounds  – Shade Coverage 100 SQF 

PRECAUTIONS:  It must be securely anchored at all times. Not intended for permanent setup applications and should not be left unattended for extended periods, water can pocket in certain conditions, always take-down in extreme weather situations.

Item: UC-3X10CW  

            *Solid-Core™ We’ve figured a way of increasing tube breaking strength by implanting intergraded nylon plugs on the frame and leg axial points. This revolutionary technology increases tube tinsel strength up to 200% when compared to conventional hollow bar frame construction. 

UNDERCOVER® is a Colorado based company that has over 20 years instant canopy experience within America’s outdoor vending community.  Our high customer satisfaction rating and leading design innovations are top priority as we reinvent the future of Popup-Shade®.


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Weight 59 lbs

7 reviews for 10’x10′ X3 Craft Show Canopy Package, CRS™ Curtain-Walls, Wheel Spin-Bag, Spikes

  1. Jack

    Bought 4 for New Year’s Eve and wasn’t sure how it would withstand the wind and rain. We put the 4 together and we’re able to attach them to each other and we were very impressed. It withstood the rain and the high winds that night. It’s a REALLY good canopy. If you’re thinking about purchasing this, you should get it. We’re very happy with ours. Easy pop-up as well.

  2. TTreker

    Best Canopy on the market
    We do a lot of Art Fairs & Outdoor Farmers Markets around the country and by far this is the best canopy available. Easy up, easy down, heavy duty, rain resistant, love the attachable walls.

  3. Hutches

    Outstanding Quality
    Very high quality canopy with sidewalks. Frame is very sturdy. Canopy cover has Velcro ties and hook connection in the needed locations to stabilize and control the fabric. The canopy does have several OEM leg anchoring options available for purchase to secure the canopy onto different types of ground surfaces. Two persons setup is easy. Set up with one person is more time consuming , but can be accomplished. This canopy is an event location product. It is physically heavy/bulky to transport and handle. It would not be considered a tote to a location (beach, camping, etc.) type of product. If you are looking for a quality well built EVENT location canopy, this unit is a good choice. If you are looking for a light weight mobil canopy, you should consider a different canopy.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  4. jasperandmollysmom

    ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

    BEST Canopy/Tent EVER!!!!

    I am traveling vendor, sometimes by myself sometimes with my partner. It was important to have something reliable, easy, durable,neat and clean in appearance and functional for my display. I was impressed by how fast the item was shipped and even more impressed when I went to set it up. BEST DESIGN EVER!!! Super easy to set up and even easier to take down. I do not have very good upper body strength and have always dreaded popping up a tent. This one is a dream. At the event this weekend my tent was significantly cooler(temperature wise– it was 95 degrees outside) than the other vendors- they were coming by and telling me so…..they all wanted to know where I got my tent. This tent comes with tent stakes and guy wires with smaller stakes to use on grass and in the wind. Also comes with 3 different Allen wrenches and extra screws. The bag is the best, with two outside zippered pockets and 2 hidden pockets inside those outside pockets. Heavy duty high-quality bag. I really can not tell you how great this tent is. My fellow vendors were struggling to put up theirs and mine was easy peasy. Some of the best money ever spent was on this tent. Whoever designed it needs to get some sort of award. Seriously. The walls are easy to zip and easy to attach. There is no doubt this tent will last me for years to come and something I am proud to display my “store”under. Professional all the way.A++++….5 stars….you won’t be sorry

    + Pros: one person set up without struggling, great canvas bag high quality just like the tent, significantly cooler than other vendors tents.

  5. BrightonTeaCompany

    Simply the best–WE BOUGHT A SECOND!
    The first time we set it up was a chore. We were new to the markets and had never did anything like this before. After a few times, it was quick and easy. Manufacture is TERRIFIC. Easy part replacement–we broke a leg and it took all of 4 days to get a new one–we paid for this as it was not the manufacture fault.

    We then bought a SECOND one, the lesser price model–HAD we known we would have bought the other one FIRST –as it is only $229 and came with the CRS WALL system.. We love both our UNDER-COVER canopies–especially the CRS WALLS..quick to install and easy to close when the rain or wind sets in.

    The second canopy ($229) tore at the seam in near the top. After a quick email and a few pictures we had a NEW cover in 72 hours.

    After three years on the market tour, we are ready to expand and expect to move up to teh 10 X 20 canopy next spring.

    On a side, maybe Under Cover might consider paying a finders fee as we have “sold” 5 canopies to fellow vendors after they saw how great ours works!

  6. Sportsimageevents

    ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

    Can’t beat the quality
    I did a lot of research on good quality tents and this one by far is the best for the money. Already tested along with the gravity weights they make. In the middle of a baseball complex with howling Chicago winds the tent held firm. Had to put up the sidewalls and they were easy to install but did not hold up as well as the tent itself. Overall a great tent that should last a while with proper care,looks good and a great price. I did not use the zipper feature on the sidewalls and that may have contributed to my concern with them. I’m sure it would be even sturdier if I installed properly. All components fit properly in the bag with no struggle .

    + Pros: sturdylooks good great price
    – Cons: none

  7. Dolly

    ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars
    We purchased this for upcoming craft fair season! Did tons of research on different canopies, and are so happy we chose this one! It is heavy, that’s true … but the roller bag is sturdy and will make a huge difference in transporting it. It set up super easily and I believe that it could absolutely be done by one person. Love love LOVE the clip on side walls! The wire that they hang on is sturdy and looks like it’ll have lasting power. No more tying endless strings or having Velcro wear out! We are delighted … 😀

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