Undercover® 10’ x 20’ PROFESSIONAL GRADE SolidCore-Aluminum Instant Canopy Refurbished


  • Party Size 200 Square Ft., Octagonal Solid-Channel™ Truss Bars, Vented 600-D Polyester Top, Pinch-Proof Release Levers,  No WHEEL-Carry Bag
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Refurbished – Inspected and Fully Warranted 


It’s our flagship 10’ x 20’ canopy for those who require a higher level of durability and function.  A stronger, more durable thicker walled frame combined with our 600-D thicker threaded polyester top.   

The advanced 10’x20′  folding frame assembly is fully self contained and free standing.  We’ve specially designed convenient self locking corner/leg levers that provide for an ease-of-operation that’s unmatched in the industry.  


UNDERCOVER’s impressive octagonal technology is a professional aluminum frame features a patented internal solid-core extrusion inside all truss bars – increasing durability up to 80% over the old style hollow bar construction. 

RAIN-DRAIN Technology: 

Most 10’ x 20’ instant canopy tops can collect water in certain weather conditions that eventually leads to total frame failure.  We’ve designed a pattern of rain-drain grommets on the outer edges of the polyester top to help prevent water from pocketing.


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Weight 85 lbs


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