10’x20′ COMMERCIAL GRADE Canopy, Wheel-Bag, Spikes

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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 12 × 16.5 in

2 reviews for 10’x20′ COMMERCIAL GRADE Canopy, Wheel-Bag, Spikes

  1. Bradford

    So far, everything I expected!
    I bought this canopy for a family July 4th party held the Sunday before. It was less expensive on Sam’s that anywhere else..

    Despite an on-line comment I consider the structure to be pretty solid. Of course it is aluminum. A steel frame would be stronger but also be way heavier, not rust proof and require more people and a lot longer to put up. The choice is yours.

    We had four people putting this up. Two people could also do it though it might take longer. My family is one of those for whom instructions are considered at best optional and at worst only for idiots. (We sometimes prove ourselves idiots. :)) It took us no more than 15 minutes to put this up. The canopy itself has an inner silver coating that was very effective in providing excellent shade on a bight cloudless July day in Cleveland, Ohio.

    The day’s winds varied from calm to bursts of up to maybe 10-15 mph and everything in between. We noted no tent movement. We used only the tent stakes provided and the ground was soft (not wet) from a deluge two days prior. The stakes did not move at all. Of course, canopies are effectively big sails, they’re not going to react well to high winds. If I were expecting higher winds than what we had, I would buy leg weights and/or tie downs.

    I am extremely pleased with this tent. It is well made and sturdy. I looked at renting a tent the same size and the rental price was half the price of this tent new. My extended family and I expect to use this tent several times per year. Given its quality and ease of set-up, I am very glad I bought it.

  2. sandiwhite

    Great Product
    We bought this product for company functions/needs and love it. It is easy to put up and take down. Worth the money.

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