10’x10′ Instant Canopy X1 RESORT GRADE Aluminum Build – CRS Curtain-Walls, NO WHEEL-BAG

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UNDERCOVER® 10‘ x 10’ SIGNATURE SERIES Technology for Maximum Durability, Strength and Function 

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X1 by UNDERCOVER 10’x10’ RESORT QUALITY SIGNATURE SERIES Canopy, Curtain-Wall Enclosure.   Note:  Does not include Wheel-Bag 


The X1 Signature Series by UNDERCOVER is anything but ordinary.  It’s designed to be a more permanently shade solution for resorts, hotels, restaurants, special events, home patios or outdoor vending areas with the confidence that sudden inclement weather or high winds will not leave their mark.  We’ve taken portable Popup-Shade to the highest level of industry-leading construction, design, and function.


The X1 SIGNATURE represents a significant advancement of professional durability while maintaining an easy setup.  It possesses an elegant ambiance that’s unmatched in the industry.  Create an inviting haven of enjoyment and comfort while exceeding all your Popup-Shade expectations.  


Resort Quality X1 Build


Residential – Events – Hospitality – Creative – Commercial – Servicing – Restaurant – Catering 


The Magna sized aluminum *Sold-Core frame structure features huge 50mm hexagonal legs and oversized octagonal truss bars that are 40% larger in size and weight than our current professional offerings to serve and protect in all types of weather for years to come.



  • 50MM Octagonal Signature Aluminum Frame 
  • 600-Denier Polyester Vented Top 
  • 300-D CRS Curtain-Wall Enclosure 
  • Wide Body Wheel Spin-Bag with Pockets 
  • Dial-A-Fit Peak Extender 
  • One-Handed Release Levers 
  • Heat Reflective Sil-X Undercoating 
  • SRT Latching Fabric Attachments 
  • Superior Strength and Durability 
  • Gravity Stakes with Tension Straps 
  • Solid-Core Upper Legs and Truss Bars 

*Solid-Core:  We’ve figured a way of increasing tube breaking strength by implanting intergraded nylon plugs on the frame and leg axial points. This revolutionary technology increases tube tinsel strength up to 200% when compared to conventional hollow bar frame construction.

UNDERCOVER® is a Colorado-based company that has over 20 years of instant canopy experience within America’s outdoor vending community. Our high customer satisfaction rating and leading design innovations are a top priority as we reinvent the future of Popup-Shade®. 


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Weight 75 lbs

3 reviews for 10’x10′ Instant Canopy X1 RESORT GRADE Aluminum Build – CRS Curtain-Walls, NO WHEEL-BAG

  1. Whynotask

    ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

    Super Durable Design, it’s a Big Bad Boy!
    I used several other “EZ” instant shelters in the past for my DJ equipment and they always seemed to be built with poor quality. I got tired of replacing parts and dealing with leaks so I decided to spend a little more money for higher quality this time around. I received this tent and was very impressed the first time around! This thing is heavy but it seems to be very durable and well designed, unlike my past shelters. I needed a reliable and solid instant shelter to protect my DJ equipment in the hot Florida heat and rain and this shelter does the job! I highly recommend it!

  2. chickadoo

    ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

    Great Great Tent
    I have been doing art shows for nearly 40 years. I have bought so many canopies from so many companies. I know good and I know bad. This one is great. I used it all of last year and am more than happy. It is extremely sturdy, easy to put up and down. The best is the roof. It is coated with a reflective coating. I was afraid it would cut the sun light too much but it doesn’t. It only blocks the heat. It also has vents in the top that really help but have not caused any leaking in the rain. You do have to choose whether to have them open or shut when you put the booth up, there is no way to alter that once the booth is up. They have an overhang so they will keep out most rain open. This booth is so far superior to the tent sold this year in the warehouse that there is no comparison. If you need a quality booth this is the very best for the price.

  3. Nickisnotmyname

    ★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars

    SUPER Easy with Superb Build Qualities!

    This is perfectly well made and so simple and easy to set up and use. The slide mechanisms to extend the legs are wonderfully easy to use – no smashed fingers or broken nails!! The quality of the canopy and the aluminum structure is excellent. There is velcro around the inside top and the side panels from an old tent attached easily for a side wall of shade. We use this in Florida to cookout in the shade and there’s room for the grill, the vertical smoker, a large cooler and a few comfy chairs. We are very pleased.

    + Pros: excellent quality of materials, easy to set up, no pinched fingers to extend legs, very good value

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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