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What’s the difference between Commercial and Professional 

The durability and strength of the frame build is the difference.  A Commercial grade canopy is equipped with an oval truss steel frame assembly while the Professional grade canopy features a solid-core extruded aluminum frame that’s 50% stronger and more durable.

Which one should I buy?

Depends on how many times you use the canopy per year.  Occasional users (5 times per year) could consider Commercial grade canopies and frequent users should go with Professional grade models.

Do I need to anchor?
Be sure to always properly anchor shelter at all times!  General use spikes are included.  We highly recommend our Gravity-Tube anchor anchor solution for best security in wind.

Can I leave it up in the rain?
Continuities moisture can On the top and eventually destroy the frame, even in a slight drizzle for extended periods of time. Don’t leave unattended.

What about the warranty?
It does not cover damage caused by wind, rain or other forces of nature, nor does it cover damage related to abuse, neglect or forceful operation.

Is there any assembly required?
No, the frame comes fully assembled. There is a one time Velcro polyester-skin frame attachment and thatʼs it!

Does the top need to be removed when store
No. Most Users just leave the skin on the frame however it should be 100% dry before storing.

Is the top waterproof?
NO The polyester fabric is waterproof however the seams can drip In continuous moisture. We recommend a spray on waterproof pplication found online.

What sizes are available?
Current sizes include 8ʼx8ʼ – 10ʼx10ʼ –  10ʼx20ʼ

Do you offer custom printing?
Yes. Inquire service@getundercover.com

Is the polyester-skin fire retardant?
YES! The coated polyester-skin is rated for CPAI-84. It is not fire proof! Never build fires or place flame sources under or near your Undercover® shelter.

Is there any required maintenance?
Very little! To clean simply use a mild soap periodically and be sure to rinse and dry out thoroughly before storing. If you are experience any eventual leaking or dripping from the seams, one can use seam sealer commonly available at most hardware stores.

What is the head clearance?
Depending on height adjustments anywhere from 72” to 84”

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