Which Shade Seeker Are You?

Not sure where to start looking? See which canopies are perfect for your shade seeking needs. 

Canopy Tent for the Beach

Nothing is more relaxing than reading a book or listening to the waves from the comfort of a shaded popup canopy. These durable, wind-resistant products are perfect for beachgoers of all kinds including:

Canopy Tent for Sports Teams & Events

Are you a coach or team parent looking for the perfect pop-up canopy for your athletes to recharge under? We recommend these more durable, weather-resistant canopies to last the whole season for groups like:

Commercial Canopy Tent for Vendors & Businesses

Whether your marketplace is a farmers market, a crafts show, a flea market, or on the road, you want a canopy that is as much a part of your business as you are. That’s why we recommend these commercial-grade popup canopies for unmatched durability without sacrificing ease for vendors such as:

Canopy Tent for Outdoor Parties & Gatherings

Special events and reasons to celebrate can sometimes come without warning. That’s why having a versatile, portable instant canopy on-hand makes planning an outdoor party easy. We recommend the following models for events like:

Canopy Tent for Schools & Churches

Holding a community event outside is a great way to keep people engaged and bring everyone together. Whether your aim is to raise funds, keep people involved, or just have a good time, our canopies will stand the test of time so you can bring everyone together again and again. Perfect for:

Canopy Tent for Base Campers & Festivals

Whether you camp for a concert or event, or because you love to be in the great outdoors, the APEX modular camping shelter is perfect for maximizing your shelter without the hassle. Base campers love to use the APEX for: 

Canopy Tent for Venues, Event Planners, and Caterers

Weddings, corporate events, and other large gatherings are often best-suited for outdoors. Rather than deal with the hassle of renting a canopy tent every time someone books your services, you can have your own canopies on-hand. Easy to store, set up, and take down, these units are perfect for: 

Canopy Tent for the Home

Having on-demand shade can feel like a luxury, even without breaking the bank. These consumer units are great for use around the house in situations like:

The Instant Canopy Leader


Our unique lines of pop up tents are tailored to the needs of commercial vendors, base campers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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