10’x20′ – UNDERCOVER X3 Commercial Canopy | Steel Frame


Are you looking for a reliable instant canopy that won’t break the bank? The Undercover X3 model is the perfect unit for farmers market or craft show vendors, catering companies or event planners, and anyone looking to regularly provide themselves or their customers with cool, dry, outdoor shelter. 

10×20 Undercover X3 Features: 

  • Heavy-Duty, Reliable Commercial Canopy: The X3 commercial unit is designed around the Solid-Core™ steel frame, which is fitted with nylon reinforcements where 99% of breakage occurs. Not only does this prevent your canopy from collapsing, but it significantly increases the lifespan of your pop-up shelter. 
  • Easy Set-Up and Take-Down: Despite the whopping 200 square feet of shade coverage that the X3 10×20 provides, its mobile design allows for a two-person setup in minutes. Plus,the pinch-proof leg levers mean you never have to worry about your fingers getting caught in the frame.
  • Heat-Reflective, Waterproof Canopy Material: The Undercover X3 canopy is made with a premium 300-D fabric that both reflects heat and repels water. Plus, the roof is fitted with anti-pooling grommets to prevent water from collecting and damaging the frame. 
  • Wheel Bag and Spikes Included: Don’t worry about having to buy all of the necessary canopy accessories separately. The X3 10×20 comes with a wheel bag for easy transportation and storage, as well as the necessary spikes for proper anchoring.
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 10×20 Undercover X3 Specs:

  • Weight: 70 lbs in wheel bag
  • Opens to: 10’ x 20’ x 11.5’
  • Compacts to: 12” x 16” x 62”
  • Canopy Material: 300-D Polyester
  • Frame Material: Solid-Core Steel 
  • UV Protection: 99% UV Protection

What’s In the Box: 

  • Solid-Core Steel Frame
  • 300-D Polyester Top
  • Wheel Bag
  • 4 Leg Covers
  • Spikes

Important Safety Information: 

  1. Always be sure your Undercover unit is securely anchored at all times. Even a light wind can lift without warning.
  2. Do not leave your Undercover unit unattended. Intense wind and weather can damage the frame. 
  3. The Undercover unit is not designed to be a permanent structure. Always take down and store in a cool, dry place when not in use


Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 63 × 12 × 16.5 in


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10’x20′ – UNDERCOVER X3 Commercial Canopy | Steel Frame

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