APEX-CAMP Modular Camping – Canopy Meets Dome Tents – The Future of Outdoor Living

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The multi-functional APEX modular canopy/tent gives you the freedom to use the canopy separately or build the base camp setup of your dreams. Your basic kit starts a super compact 8×8 popup-shade canopy and a dome-tent that connects to create 110 square feet of shaded outdoor living space.  From there, you can fully enclose the canopy with the walls or add dome tents to design a personalized base camp where you’re shaded during the day, and protected at night. 

Settle in and stay cool and relaxed during your outdoor event, festival, or family camping outing. The APEX basecamp system allows you to have as much space as you need for any activity you’re doing. 

APEX Basecamp Features:

  • Configurable Canopy/Tent Crossover: Connect up to three domes to your pop-up canopy at once, and use the included wall kit to fully enclose your basecamp. If you need more space, connect more canopies and domes to build the ultimate basecamp! 
  • Fits Perfectly in Car Trunks Although it provides ample outdoor living space when set up, the entire APEX system fits into two small storage bags, making car camping or glamping a breeze. 
  • High-Quality, Weather-Resistant Canopy Materials: The APEX basecamp system was born and tested in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, built with durable materials that will stand tall in any weather. The polyester canopy is CPAI-84 fire-retardant and water-resistant, and the dome tent and floor are both made with a waterproof material. Both components use materials that are heat-reflective, soil-resistant, and UV-blocking.
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APEX Basecamp is a new era in camping solutions. It’s more than just a tent or canopy. This revolutionary product breaks free from the traditional boundaries of outdoor living gear. It provides unmatched versatility and futuristic design elements. APEX-CAMP is a modular, multifunctional basecamp that adapts to your every need.



APEX-CAMP energizes outdoor camping to new definitions. It doesn’t matter if you require a comfortable tent for sleeping, a popup-shade canopy during the day or an exploration basecamp, APEX-CAMP covers the territory. Its many functions guarantee that you can easily adapt your setup requirements to fit any situation. It’s a generational design of portable multifunctional outdoor living



APEX-CAMP’s brilliance is its arcuate modular build platform. It provides 110 square feet of living space, and you can add additional dome tents to easily expand your requirements . This adaptability allows you to create a custom outdoor living area that can adapt to serve your needs.



APEX-CAMP combines the best features of a super compact shade canopy mated to a conventional dome tent. The 8’ x 8’ popup canopy provides comforatable shade and protection during the day while the dome tents arcualte attachments offers secure, weather-resistant camping sleeping area. This unique combination means you can enjoy the best of both worlds, comfort and protection when setting up your camp anywhere




Not only is APEX-CAMP multifunctional, but it also boasts futuristic appearance and a stately ambiance that resonates.  Its sleek lines and modern aesthetics make it stand out at any event or campsite. You’ll not only feel great using it, but you’ll also look great doing so APEX-CAMP makes a statement.

The compact 64 SQF pop-up canopy provides cool comfortable shade


WHAT’S IN THE BOX:  Canopy Frame, Canopy Top, Dome Tent, Dome Flooring, Dome Arcuate Attachments, Dome Rain Fly, 3pc Screened Walls, Stakes & Ropes

Weight 72 lbs


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APEX-CAMP Modular Camping – Canopy Meets Dome Tents – The Future of Outdoor Living
Original price was: $349.00.Current price is: $249.00.

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