Refurbished UNDERCOVER Commercial-Grade Instant Canopy with Curtain Wall Enclosure, Wheel-Bag (OUT OF STOCK 10/1/2023)


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CRS™ CURTAIN-WALLS:  Mix-n-match the included clip-on sliding polyester curtain-walls to create a unique look that’s perfect for all your favorite venues.


STRONG-ARM STEEL FRAME:  The X3 frame combines 1 ¼” legs and *Solid-Core™ truss bars to provide maximum durability and strength. 


THE BEST THING:  Stand out in-the-crowd and watch others take notice.  The perceived value is unmatched. 

WHAT’S IN THE BOX:  Frame, Top, CRS™ Walls, Wheel-Bag, Spikes 



  • CRS™ Curtain-Wall Enclosure
  • *Solid-Core™ Steel Bars  
  • 1 1/4” Square Legs
  • Pinch-Proof Leg Levers
  • Peak-Pole Extender 
  • 300-D Polyester Top
  • CPAI-84 NFPA-701 Compliant 
  • Heat Reflective Undercoating 
  • 99% UV Block
  • Vented Peak X-Scape™
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 


SPECIFICATIONS:  Hybrid Steel Frame: 44 Pounds – 1 1/4” Aluminum Legs – *Solid-Core™ Steel Bars  – 300-Denier Polyester Top – 150-Denier Polyester CRS™ Curtain-Walls


DIMS:  Setup Footprint: 10’x10’x 11′ –  Head Clearance:  73″ – 82” Frame Folded 11”x11x 61″ –  In Wheel-Bag: 12”x12”x 63″ – Weight in Wheel-Bag 55 Pounds  – Shade Coverage 100 SQF 


PRECAUTIONS:  It must be securely anchored at all times. Not intended for permanent setup applications and should not be left unattended for extended periods, water can pocket in certain conditions, always take-down in extreme weather situations.


Item: UC-3X10CW  

*Commercial Fleet with curtain walls wrapped around the corner legs


*Solid-Core™ We’ve figured a way of increasing tube breaking strength by implanting intergraded nylon plugs on the frame and leg axial points. This revolutionary technology increases tube tensile strength up to 200% when compared to conventional hollow bar frame construction. 

UNDERCOVER®is a Colorado-based company that has over 20 years of instant canopy experience within America’s outdoor vending community.  Our high customer satisfaction rating and leading design innovations are a top priority as we reinvent the future of Popup-Shade®.



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