GRAVITY-TUBE™ Anchor Kit – Universal Canopy Anchoring Solution

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While anchoring your popup canopy with stakes can be effective, it isn’t ideal for every situation. Stakes can cause damage to the ground, and can only be used when on sand, grass, or dirt. This is far from ideal for many farmers market or craft show vendors, as canopies will often need to be anchored on concrete, asphalt, or interior flooring. This is where Gravity Tubes come in. 

The Gravity Tube™ anchoring kit applies dynamic, leverage weight of up to 180 pounds to keep your canopy firmly on the ground in higher wind situations. Simply fill your Gravity Tubes with water or sand to weigh down your instant canopy, and easily empty them when it’s time to pack up. 

Gravity Tube™ Features:

Dynamic Weight Leveraging: Gravity Tubes™ provide more ballast than traditional tent stakes and are more easily transported than weight plates. Plus, they are the only anchoring solution to utilize dynamic leveraged weight. 

Works on Any Ground Type: Whether you want to anchor your canopy on grass, dirt, concrete, asphalt, hardpan, or indoors, Gravity Tubes™ will keep your canopy securely on the ground. 

Simple Set-up in Minutes: Our Gravity Tube canopy anchors install in just 3 easy steps: simply fill the tubes, attach the straps to the canopy frame, and pull it taught.

Gravity Tube™ Canopy Anchor Specs:

  • Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 36”
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Undercover Instant Canopy

Important Safety Info:

Even with proper anchoring, Undercover and Popup-Shade canopies are not intended for permanent setup applications. Do not leave unattended for extended periods. Always takedown in inclement weather situations. 

Weight 10 lbs

1 review for GRAVITY-TUBE™ Anchor Kit – Universal Canopy Anchoring Solution

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    “A must for protecting your investment and others, these are the best”

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GRAVITY-TUBE™ Anchor Kit – Universal Canopy Anchoring Solution

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